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 I started my journey in aviation in 2015 where I became a fixed wing airplane pilot. I continued on my journey to become a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard. I love anything that can fly period. If it does fly I can probably fly it. The fun of flight hasn't made me forget to take this occupation very seriously though, when I fly people in helicopters mistakes cost lives. There is copious amounts of planning that goes into my  manned flights for safety. I have immersed that same level of detailed planning into my drone aerial photography business, and it shows. I understand mistakes cost time and money. So here we will always prioritize your needs first. We believe your priorities are our priorities! My company is 100% INSURED and FAA PART 107 licensed! I want to extend a big thanks for considering us for your video and imagery needs. I am proud to bring you high definition aerial video and photography at a cost effective price and amazing value with it! All of these services are backed up by a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy that can be increased to 25 million for the job if needed. Now that's massive peace of mind! You can feel assurance knowing you're covered under TopFlight Aerial Solutions wings. So please browse and contact with questions. Thank you!

Owner philosophy

Blessed by God beyond all measure. Everyday is a gift, so don't waste today. Use today to help your fellow man in some way.

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